iMac with homepage of GBI portal

The GBI Portal was a multimedia resource portal and social network for development professionals interested in incorporating Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) into their work.

I built the portal in March 2011 using WordPress and the Buddypress plugin, and I customized the themes for all nine subdomains.

The portal brought together news, commentary, and updates from the field on cutting edge technologies and their innovative applications to social and economic development. Developed for primarily for USAID, the portal provided sector specific information, analysis and resources for the implementation of ICTs in the following sectors:

◦    Agriculture
◦    Economic Growth
◦    Education
◦    Environment and Natural Resources Management
◦    Health
◦    Humanitarian Assistance
◦    Mobile Money
◦    Connectivity


The portal provided members a place to meet, network, share their ideas and questions, and form communities of practice.

To keep the portal “fed” I recruited, trained and managed a team of guest bloggers and research and outreach associates to provide up-to-date news and analysis on each of these sectors, and to cull a network of experts and professionals in the field to provide the most reliable and relevant information to the USAID community.
As of July 2012, this site is no longer available. Many of the posts and content can be found here, although their original formatting has been lost. For more information, please contact me.