GBI Portal

Today, the project I’ve been working on, the Global Broadband and Innovations Program (GBI) announced the launch of the new GBI Portal, a multimedia resource portal and social network for development professionals interested in incorporating ICTs into their work.
The portal brings together news, commentary, and updates from the field on cutting edge technologies and their applications to social and economic development. It also incorporates an extensive (and growing) library of documents and project descriptions related to ICT4D, connectivity and innovations in development.
Created by EGAT/I&E, the portal provides sector specific information and resources for those working in:

  • Agriculture,
  • Democracy and Governance,
  • Economic Growth,
  • Education,
  • Environment,
  • Health,
  • Humanitarian Assistance, as well as
  • Cross Cutting Programs.

The Portal also provides targeted information about connectivity, mobile and innovations in development.

In addition to providing a wealth of resources, the portal also serves as a social network for development professionals interested in ICT4D. Membership to the portal is free, and gives people a place to meet, network, share ideas and questions, and form groups and participate in forums.

Are you misrepresented?

I love this video for several reasons-

  • It highlights the incongruity between media presentation and reality
  • It gives example of the “power of the masses”
  • It mentions online volunteering!
All of that, and its well made!

Tibet, video and Human Rights

I am a big fan of the organization, Witness, and a recent project of theirs is called the HUB. Its kind of like YouTube for human rights.  It will be interesting to see how the project goes – it has its pros and cons, but here is a good example of its use.
Note that the video that is imbedded on this page is actually sitting on YouTube’s servers, but the group is using Witness’s HUB because it has the functionality to lead viewers to do something to help. This is a function that YouTube has lacked for a long time. With the creation of their Nonprofit Channel, they are addressing it, but it is yet to be seen how effective it will be.
So, please visit this page, watch the video, then take one of the actions. This is a very important situation – these protests are the most violent in almost 20 years. The Chinese gov’t say only 16 people have died, but its more likely to be upwards of 80.
International concern is growing as a result of house-to-house raids, imposed curfews, numerous arrests, and increased media repression. 
The Chinese government has reportedly placed restrictions on international media coverage in Tibet, blocking or filtering websites like Yahoo! and YouTube and censoring the local feeds of news agencies including the BBC and CNN. However, eyewitness accounts, photos, and videos (mostly from cellphones) are making their way out — and onto the Hub.   
Three things you can do now:
1) Forward this!- help keep the spotlight on Tibet;
2) Watch the latest videos on Tibet and take action on the HUB’s Tibet action center
3) Upload or embed – if you have or see Tibet-related video, photos or audio. You can also email the HUB.
Also, let me know what you think about the HUB.
Did you take one of the actions?
Why/why not?